Nov 2, 2016

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Single Mother Help

4-2Single mothers in this society is no longer coming in as a shock. It is not as if it is a fad but this has been something that continues to happen, no matter where in the world you are. There was a time when women really struggles when they are left by their partners, along with their child, because women use to simply stay at home and does not have any means to earn. This is a story that was plotted eons of years ago. There was a time when women are crucified or not having a husband and raising a child on her own. May not be literally but the feeling of pain and insults coming from judgmental individuals can hurt as much. Luckily, people somehow changed, may not be much but at least they had learned to accept this is already common.


4-3Being a single mother is probably the hardest thing in the world. You have to earn or them, make sure they go to school, they learn even at home and still make sure they have that one friend ready to be o their side whenever something happens. Physically it is tiring, emotionally it is draining. When your child gets sick and you need to be at work, it would feel as if you are being ripped in two. You would want to take care of your child but you also know that if you do, you may lose the chance to provide him the future you want. The sacrifices a single mother has to make is unbelievable immeasurable but these are important sacrifices to make sure she and her child succeed. Mothers are exceptional beings, whether they are raising their children alone or with their partners. They are the best friend a child could have from the moment they are born until they leave this world.